Friday, July 6, 2012

my life

I NEVER get addicted to television shows, ever. I've been without a TV for the last couple of months...BUT ever since the Bachelorette started I have been hooked. Mainly for one reason, his name is Jef Holm, annnnd he is the dream.   

All of my friends were posting photos of them meeting him in Utah the other night. I felt jealous & posted a status about it. Well yesterday this happened & in case you were wondering, my day was MADE & no I am not 16.

p.s I have a rose waiting for him & yes, I plan on bringing him back to being an active Mormon again :)


  1. You two would be sooo cute together! Love himm

  2. brit I told my sister in laws this story because we all watch the show and discuss it the next day and they were like OMG what does it mean? does she not pick him?? haha they want to know more. you are so funny

  3. No wayyy!!!! This is so awesome! Rumor has it that she picks him in the end... or at least that her "future in-laws are mormon"... But still - this is RAD! Are you guys facebook friends?

  4. I also met him, he seemed pretty chill. But since I haven't been watching the show I was just like, "yo. I'm Brooke." hahaha. My girly friend on the other hand was going to faint, both times.