Monday, July 16, 2012

it's been a good week

Sitting in the airport 5 hours a day for 5 days was well worth it when I, somehow, happened to pull a first class seat aka BED. This was the first time I have ever dreaded an airplane landing. I had a 5 course meal, 2 movies, a down comforter, and unlimited drankss. Perfect 8 hour flight if you ask me.

My first day back on the island was filled with an all-day adventure. We drove about 2 hours out and swam/snorkeled with turtles and the most beautiful Hawaiian fish! It was an amazing experience with good friends.

 Friday we spent traveling to different lookouts. My friends are crazy and jumped a 60 foot jump called spitting caves. I didn't have a desire to jump, but I helped contribute to 2 new facebook profile pictures ;)

 Zach & Savannah

This weekend was girls weekend. We spent the night in Waikiki shopppinnngg and eating good food at Cheesecake Factory!

 Saturday was perfect. I wish I could of bottled the happy goodness in a bottle and kept it forever. We spent the day at Waimea Bay drinking coconut water and eating fresh fruit.

 absolute bliss.

Sunday was the slowest, as always. Kahuku finally has HEALTHY food. Sometimes the options of food are limited here and become very repetitive. This little bus is filled with healthy all natural wraps and freshly made juices. I just may apply for a job here, I've been waiting for this kind of place since I moved here! I also got a juicer for my birthday! LET the juicereboot begin :)

I am so happy

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  1. Beautiful pics Brit! Ahhhh I would LOVE to live (or visit) there. :) Hope you're doing well!