Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I have so much to say and so much time to say it
but absolutely nothing to type cause it's not coming out right

Today I had my headphones in for more than 10 minutes &
didn't realize there wasn't any music playing for my thoughts were so loud

This 6 week break I have developed a deeper understanding, appreciation, 
and disbelief of people. I have been impressed, brought to tears, amazed and confused
by seriously everyone in my life.

One night I was up until 4am "writing" out a whole journal entry in my head, 
if only I had written it down. My thoughts have never been so clear, so crisp.

Life is changing. My sister is getting married in ONE month
I realized this mid-bearing of testimony in front of my whole church on Sunday (tears)
my brothers aren't little boys anymore
& my parents no longer have a bedroom for me in our home

I've now lived in 11 different homes & as much as I say I love change
I'm not ready for my family to change, I don't understand when/why people change, & somehow ALL I am wanting in my life is a little change.

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