Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts Official Video


between Christina Perri, the lyrics to this song, the beautiful dancing, meaning behind the song & production of this video I couldn't pass up not posting it.

Now I am confused on my own feelings, great.
I hate/love when songs do this to me.

p.s is it just me or does she resemble Lea from Bad Girls Club?


  1. Isn't this the BEST song ever? I'm seriously obsessed. One of my friends showed it to me like a month or so ago... and I LOVE the song... absolutely LOOOOVE the dancing... its just amazing!

  2. I'm sorry I got to this posting so late, but I've been a bit busy with life. This song tore through my heart as I'm sure it ripped into so many others. We all go through such heartache in our lives and this song can make a heart bleed, especially mine and it seems like it's done the same to you. You're right though, with songs such as this, it's a love/hate relationship. As for the dancing in the video, one of my friends used to dance up at Miami in a group that performed just like this. I miss it.