Friday, December 10, 2010

Recently I was thinking about how we are told to kill our enemies with kindness. Sometimes I think of this Treatment as an enemy of mine who will just not get off my back! (literally) Soooooo I have decided to kill it with giggles, jokes, & funny entertainment.
depressed people need to watch a little more of "The Seventies Show"
I kid you not...I could be sick in bed and still laughing at this show. I wish I was in this era. I ask my mom a lot..."did they reallllyy do that and this?"
She responds with "yeahhh groovy, he's a fox" & other strange but funny phrases.
I love this show and love my moma.

Guess what? 4 treatments left!
Week three wasn't all too hard!
Guess what else? I haven't lost any hair!
Guess what else? I am thee happiest girl a live. still. haha

With out the prayers, thoughts, and care I do not think I could have made it where I am today! Paige sent me this video of this chilean family trying to speak in English to me! I'm working on uploading it to my blog because it is the cutest video ever!(:

5 months till my Best Friend comes home!!!!

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