Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I promise to never ever ever tan in a tanning bed AGAIN.

one more day of you, alpha interferon.

i hate you.
but you're doing what's best for my health and future.
thank you..

but i can't stand you.

I also get my port out on friday!!
i'm soo excited for my treat on saturday(: M.L.


  1. Yay BRIT!!! So SO SO Proud of you!! Love you so much girl youre amazing :)

  2. i'm your newest follower and all i can say is WOW! you, girl, are a very inspiring individual. you show so much positive through your writing despite your situation. i hope all is well and i'm looking forward to keeping up on your blog {if that doesn't sound creepy enough.}
    xoxo, jamie

  3. Ugh girl I'm totally with you. I quit the tanning bed too. It's soooo bad but can be very addicting!

    p.s. you're gorgeous!