Friday, April 23, 2010

schooool. YUCK :P

Back to Idaho!
School started on tuesday and has now gone on for FOUR days.

only FOUR days?
I'm already stressin. big time.

BUT I continue to tell myself out loud that I can Handle it. I was in the advising office with a Academic Counselor for 2 and a half hours today. After classss I forced myself to go in there because I know I need to get my Associates degree this semester. If i am planning on transferring ANYWHERE I may want to at least start off with s o m e t h i n g in hand, rather than figure out transferring classes, schools, so forth.

So living at the Ridge is so nice. I do not know why this is my first semester at this apartment complex?! I LOVE my room mates too! We are going out tonight for a movie and dinner then doing some highlighting to the hurrr (:

I am excited!

I also am looking for a job. help.

17 credits, plus a job, plus a NEED for good grades, plus a boyfriend, plus my friends = disaster. JKJKJK

I just need to keep up with all of it and make school MY FIRST PRIORITY.

no one reads this, but i enjoy getting my thoughts and feelings out.

the end.


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  2. I read it as well. And I must say, you are a trooper. I have not even brought myself to go to college. I must be the black sheep of the family. lol. I will go eventually. Any advice?