Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jackson Hole

What a great weekend this past one was! It was Mike's 23rd Birthday!
I was CLUELESS a week before.
little does he know...
about 8 hours before his birthday I was planning an event filled day (;

I ordered him some 'stellar' (Mike's new word) sunglasses( knockarounds )
He has been wanting a pair for a while now so I picked a white pair and a red/black pair! I told him he could pick whatever he wanted to do that day and I would come along.

In reality I had a whole fun day planned! I picked him up with in a candy/energy drink filled car and said let's goooo (:

I had an agenda and a menu of what the day would consist of, sitting in the passenger seat!
We had a blast on the hour and a half drive up there and took so may fun pictures. The streets are lined with art galleries, indian shops, little boutiques, and the best restraunts! We chose the much recommended Billys Burgers!
Couldn't have been a better decision! Our drive back was just as good. I am loving road trips. Maybe it's something that comes with age, but I am so excited to find some where else to go.. possibly this weekend?

School is rough. thats is
but my classes are interesting.
I am a Sociology Major. I really want to take my time with this one. I want to know what field I am meant. Whether that is adoption, corrections, criminal field, juvenile delinquency, anythingggg BUT it all sounds interesting to me.

I miss my family more than ever,
I love them so much. My heart aches (in a good way) when I hear funny stories about my cute little brothers, or have incoming picture messages from my moma.
My Dad is the most hard working, inspirational man on this planet. He is always there when i need him, especially when I need some encouraging words. and some mula (; jk jk jk
Paige is doing great! She says she is forgetting some English words! She can not even remember our home phone number! She will be calling home on Mother's day! I can not wait.. I will have to be on speaker phone though..
She raised enough money to pay for a lady's mortgage on her home, whom she is teaching right now..
I love my sister.

Current thought:
Rexburg, Idaho. you're not so bad.


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  2. rexburg, idaho... not so bad? look who is being a positive polly ;))

    i love what you did for mike. so incredibly adorable !
    <3 and your outfittt. also adorable, like ALWAYS. ;))