Wednesday, April 14, 2010

on the road again.

Back to Idaho tomorrow! :) and :((

bitter sweet.

this is me not wanting to pack.

I am the worst procrastinator. THEE worst. I have nothing packed at all what so ever. My car should be FILLED right now. It does get a little old packing and unpacking my life every 3.5 months. Things gotta change......

I have been able to say my goodbyes to the people that matter (: I love all of you so much.

Amanda Is getting married in August. She lives here. That means there will never be Brit/Amanda. Again. It is so SAD but SOOOO exciting at the same time. I will miss our sleep overs crazy nights and lay-outings. Her and Cody are going to have the most BEAUTIFUL wedding, i am SO excited ((:

Kristian and Swade are also getting married in October! This one will be in MEXICO! never beennnn there but i really need to find a way ASAP. because i am a bridesmaid! SO excited for this one as well!

oh school. I can not express my feelings towards you. I really am working on my lovingness, and kind words so I am not going to even include my opinion of you in this post. Just on the safe side. (;

I am excited though for summer. I want to make it a good one! Adventures and weekend trips! I dont have ALOT of friends left up there but i have some good ones! I am so excited for my room mates as well(:

i love shopping. I cant stop. I am thankful East Idaho does not have a Forever 21. Maybe thats a good thing for my obsession.

Visual Merchandising ? Possibly.

My sister is doing fabulous. She loves it in Chile. She is almost fluent in SPanish! I love her so much. She has raised enough money to pay a ladies rent for the next couple months. WHat footsteps i have to follow in huh? Couldn't ask for a better example or role model in my life.

okayyy i REALLY need to pack.
BYE for now!

it snowed 16 inches in ID a week or so ago :(

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