Saturday, April 10, 2010


I love the movie 'Enough'. What an inspirational movie. Never been a fan of Jennifer Lopez until Isaw this movie. SHe is baddddd and i LOVE it.

No woman should go through any type of abuse. A husband and wife are equal. No one stands higher than the other in any circumstance.

It's on t.v right now and I'm soaking it up as I blog (of course) as well. I've already seen it like 5 times but Im enjoying it alone in my bath robe with a big bowl of ice cream (:

Mike finally made it to Utah, dropped his car off and flew home to California the next day! He is spending some time with his family this week and then is flying back to Dallas to drive 23 hours in my good ole sunny with me!

I am sooo excited for our roadtrip! We have sooo much fun! Making up raps and dancing to oldies! We both load our ipods with "good" playlists and just jam for hours upon hours.
It's so much fun stopping in little po-dunk towns along the way and finding fun trea
ts and gas stations. This time I want to stop and take pictures! I need a new camera, BAD!

well I love TExas, my family, My friends, my man, my HEavenly Father, and my LIFE.

Sunday tomorrow (:
just me! not smiling ? idk why! i'm HAPPYY

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  1. You are so cute B. Conley :] and what a sweet boyfriend! I'm thinkin you hit the jackpot with that one!

    -Lo Ross <3