Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Sister Missionaries stopped by to see me today. I don't know how they knew, but I needed them this week. I have been feeling a little out of touch with the Spirit lately. The last two weekends I have had to help out at work with shopping our families from the homeless shelter, for Christmas gifts. We have spent a lot of time coordinating these weekends full of gifts, rides, wrapping, donations, and radio broadcasts. Each week I have had a fever, cough, flu, runny nose; you name it. It has been the least bit enjoyable, unlike The Holidays are meant to be. Up until today, I have forgotten what the true purpose of Christmas is. The sister missionaries started off their message with this video and I couldn't help but hold my tears back during such an overwhelming display of Christ's love. I feel so blessed to be a daughter of Heavenly Father. Today could of gone 100% differently, but because they felt prompted to visit me, I have a whole new feeling in my heart and home. I am so thankful and so touched. 

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