Sunday, August 31, 2014

August has come and gone. Tomorrow is September, and tonight I will sleep sound knowing there is nothing but October smells coming to visit here soon. I turned 24 years old on the 2nd. I celebrated by moving into a new apartment in downtown Salt Lake City. It has been everything I ever dreamed it would be. I've been thinking about all of my outcomes. I have these plans and dreams and wishes and alofasudden..they've happened. I am in them, not even recollecting the build-up, faith, and work it took to achieve it all. Sometimes I am so envious of all of these profiles and visuals of others' lives of travel and bliss that I forget how far I have come, myself. I was offered two dreams jobs in a matter of 48 hours, last month. I could choose to fulfill my dream of traveling for a career, as a flight attendant or choose stability and remain in my field of helping the lives of those in need as a Case Manager for homeless families. This year of dating, working, and growing into an even more 'adulthood' stage has driven my desire for a constant. It has come time for me to buy furniture of my own, to have consistency, and to develop a home. I took the job as a Case Manager and I couldn't begin to explain how solid it feels. The happiness I feel helping out a single mother with 5 kids, find resources and funding to help her move into a new furnished apartment is unlike any happiness I've felt in a long while. It is a humbling experience and an odd feeling to get paid to give service to those in crisis. I have loved being able to explore a whole new city with new places to eat and new men to date. I am so happy here, so content, and so stable. Fall is so close I can feel it in my bones. So right. 

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