Sunday, June 15, 2014

I decided this week that I needed the open-road-sort of therapy. I took off to Idaho, of all places. It's so strange to me to not ever remember that beautiful of a drive, I drove for so many semesters at the age of 18 and 19 years old. Not even 6 years later, I see a completely different view, noticing mountains, open waters, and roaming animals; all of which I can't remember ever taking note of. What is is about age that changes an outlook on the world? I remember being so confused, at a younger age, by why my parents took just drive and see. Here I am, driving to a different state, to stay 48 hours, just to get a different view, a breath of new air, and of course, to see people who mean to world to me. My best friend since junior year of high school just had her first baby. We left Keller, Texas together, and headed up north to Rexburg, Idaho. She now has been married for 4 years to the greatest guy ever and they just had their first boy two weeks ago, and named him Alder West. After spending the weekend watching their love pour out for this little angel, it has me all gittery and excited for my own family one day. It also makes me nervous; no one teaches humans how to raise humans. I spent the four hour drive home reflecting on life and the purpose of it all. Sometimes I just lose sight, I get so focused on unimportant substance and forget that it's all about family and love and simple happiness; about procreating and returning to live with our Heavenly Father. That little boy was the closest thing to heaven I've ever touched and he radiated with this peacefulness, that everything is okay. One day I will be able to hold my own little piece of Heaven and all the answers to my questions and pleas will lay in my hands. I just feel so ready. I know it's not on my time but if there was ever a day I have felt the most collected thoughts and surety, it would be today. I am oh so ready.

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