Wednesday, June 5, 2013

When I was four years old I met a girl named Rachel, who lived down the street. Rachel and I became the bestest of friends, spending every single day together. I moved from Cincinnati at the age of seven,  to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. We kept in touch and I was always sure to spend a night with her when coming home for holiday vacations. After moving to many times throughout my life to Columbus, Dallas, Rexburg, Oahu, and Ghana I have finally returned home to my old stomping grounds. The other night Rachel and I were able to spend all night sitting out in rocking chairs by the pond. We ended up talking until 12am; laughing and talking about old memories, guys, life challenges, love, months spent in the hospital, our families, and so much more. I am so thankful for a friend who has been there for me, even thousands of miles away. She has never said a foul word about ANYONE. She used to invite me over and always allowed me to leave with a toy or doll of hers. I am grateful to be back home and I may not know many people here, but having a friend whom has been in my life for so long is just as good as 5 new friends, if you ask me.

This week I have been reminiscing on all the good friendships in my life; some that have passed and some that remain just as strong as this 19 year relationship. I have met some of the most amazing people, living all over America. I literally have a so-called "best friend" in each area that I have lived. Through moving so much I have been able to learn about people and where they come from and why they are the way they are. I have learned that friends CARE, they do more than just talking. I have learned that some people are selfish and just need a friend to be their therapist. I have learned that some people are just givers; constantly serving and wanting better for others. I have learned that some girls only care about guys, and if it requires losing a friend over it, they will sacrifice. I have met girls who have changed me for the better; who have made my outlook so much clearer. I have met guys who have been there for me through the hardest times, just to be a shoulder to lean on or a partner to fish with. I have learned that some people are fake. I have met people SO real it sends butterflies to my stomach to know how much we will relate. I have learned that some friends are too negative to surround myself with. I have learned how important it is to choose positive, motivating, and influential friends. I have had those friends you keep at a distance because you don't know their instincts; and in return this being a wise choice I will keep forever. I have learned who my friends are and at this point, why they will be around forever.

I value friendship almost as much as a value my family. I have always tried to be the best friend to every friend I have. I place high importance on communication and trust. Loyalty is SO important to me; and when this is lost I have a hard time keeping friends close. It is a struggle of mine but after a while, forgiving someone for the same mistakes can become exhausting, and after a while friend break-ups are better than friend make-ups. I am now realizing that some friends will come and go but the best friends have no reason for going. They won't ever have a reason to leave if there is nothing but goodness in the friendship; just as in any relationship. 

I'm going to be moving in a couple of months to a town I have never lived. Although frightened, I am so excited to be close to my best friends and to start new friendships. I look forward to being around people of the same faith and values. I am excited to be socializing again and surrounded by "20-somethings" feeling lost and alone in a world full of people going through the same experiences. 

Until then, I will be nannying two little boys who love my attention every single second of the day, driving a mini van to the pool, and wearing my robe any chance I can.

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