Friday, May 31, 2013

Hunter is graduating High School tomorrow and in 5 weeks will be leaving on a 2 year mission. Paige is married and working a big girl job. AJ gets his license this summer. Chandler turned 9 years old today and asked for a skateboard, of all things. I can't keep up with that 4 letter world, that will literally be the death of me, t-i-m-e. 
We all were just little babies together playing in the ball pit at McDonalds. I swear we were just camping out in Pennsylvania, pretending to be explorers, inching mosquito bites, roasting marshmellows over a fire, and waking up to unlimited powdered donuts. How is it that alofasudden, we all are dividing in separate areas of the country, pursuing different dreams, and leaving our moma with only 2 of the 5 crazies left?   I need to not spend so much time daydreaming about where I am going next and just enjoy my time being 22 years old and living at home, making "childhood" memories I will one day yearn for.

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  1. you're so thoughtful. reminds me of how i think, especially when i get nostalgic like this. hang in there. life is plain nuts, and it flies by. just enjoy it today. i am constantly reminding myself to enjoy NOW and not dwell on past or especially worry too much about the future. life has a way of surprising us.