Sunday, January 8, 2012


The past month in pictures.

 Being home was so nice. Christmas was a blast, as always. Moma always decorates the tree so beautifully.

 The good food was nonstop. I got an Iphone for Christmas so let the "food pictures" begin..

A For Sale sign in my yard has become quite common in my life but still leaves a sad feeling in my heart to know I will never return to live in this house :/

Such a solid group of good girls. Happy Birthday to Corrine :)!!

 Never have I ever left Dallas without some good sushi.
Yin Yoga = NAP. TIME.

Early morning Crazy-Talk with Megan at Starbucks

Weekly Cheesecake factory after-work visits with Ben!

A much needed high school reunion at BJ's. People from HS have seriously gone nutz.

Laura will forever have thee COOLEST, most unique bedroom. She had it before all you pinterest-tumbling-bloggers. Sorry yall.

This little angel lights up my heart, always. He is unlike the rest of us but will outshine all of our athletic trophies and talents with his inventions and creativity one day.

I love my daddy. It is going to be the HARDEST thing to try to find someone like him to marry one day. His hard work is endless; without him our family would dream of being in the state we are in today.

These two, are my girls. My BEST FRIENDS. I am starting to realize the best friends I thought were the best, will never be the best, as long as these two are around. AND can we talk about how tiny & beautiful each are!

Again, the love we have for our dad...grows stronger every single day.

My little brothers. What an example I have set by the maturity, worthiness, and kindness of Hunter & AJ.  I am so grateful to see what amazing young men they are each becoming.

My New Years Eve kisses were special this year ;)

I wish I could take claim of this gem of a quote.

Good to know :) thank you Pei Wei.

Paige & I are going to miss this girl, our favorite most talented Esthetician out there. She is the funnest, most hilarious woman we know and will make an amazing mother here in the near future ;)


Moma took us out for a day of Pedi's, Mani's and waxing. I LOVED this day!


We had some complications when trying to return to Hawaii. Lets just say 2 days in the airport, a long night in LAX, and two middle seats on a crammed airplane ride were all worth it after being able to stay the night with this Jennabear. I am so thankful to of seen her after a year and a half of her mission. I was also able to see one of my best friends, Amy, from college..over my absolute favorite IN N OUT!

 I've been here for two days and am already loving our new apartment. This place is adorable. It was refreshing to wake up here rather than to Jerry SPringer blarring for all hours of the night.

 I am a happy bird.

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