Thursday, June 30, 2011


My family & I will venture across the country back home to where my heart is, Ohio(: 17 hours in a car with your family may sound like a nightmare to most but I am absolutely SO excited. We haven't taken a vacation with all 7 members in a LONG time. I am known to sleep more than half the way, which I also look forward to doing.... I look forward to the crazy games, free style rapping, deep conversations, screams from little Chandler, secret notes past with Paige, movies we've seen 18 times, & even the disgusting but hilarious gas past. (sorry) I am beyond excited to see both sides of my family! I have quite a few baby cousins whom I have yet to meet! I can't wait to cuddle with my Grandmas & search through their vintage clothing & jewelry, like always. I'm so excited to see the changes in Columbus & the lights in Cincinnati. I can't wait to fish on my uncles property, ride four wheelers, swim, watch the fireworks on the fourth & sit around a camp fire late at night. I also get to see some of my best friends. This makes trips home to Ohio that much better. I am in love with this summer. It seems like every week is counting down to ANOTHER event. I have two months until I move to paradise. Things are really falling together.

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