Sunday, February 6, 2011


I understand that some want blog posts every single day. I am not a huge talker. I am not a huge writer. Although I enjoy reading others blogs and looking at photography and pictures constantly, I really don't have a happenin' life right now. I work, eat, text, skype, hang with my family, shop, and sit in my bed with a bowl of ice cream & my mac all night. I am not a social butterfly, currently. because there really is no one left in my home town. To be completely honest even if there were people here I still wouldn't be all that social anyway. Real talk. I have 3 girlfriends here who all have lives going and are in school or married. I have guy friends here who I really don't keep in touch with all that much which would make it odd to go meet up to "catch up" on our uneventful lives.
So my point here is....TUMBLR.
For those who don't understand and tell me "Brit, I looked at your tumblr thing freebird website picture blog...I do not get it?"
Really, there is nothing to get.

There are those who write from the heart with passion, write to please others and gain support, those who write in words they really wouldn't say in a normal out loud conversation but like to sound quirky or interesting to appeal to followers or strangers, for that matter, to make their lives sound & look close to perfection, and those who write blah blah nothingness just for the heck of a post (guilty). Yes, I do realize this paragraph was ONE sentence.

Well, tumblr is a form of writing through photography, quotes, music, jokes, celebrities, architecture, lyrics & so on. Everyone has their own profile just as you would on You can post pictures of yourself with captions, 're-blog' pictures of other people that you like, and you can upload music videos of preference. It's basically a blog for the quiet writer.

A lot the of the pictures posted are for those with a 'indie, hipster, hippie, freebird, field child' fashion sense or brain. Most girls in the photographs have long flowing hair,  beautiful skin, and are dressed in the coolest outfits. You can comment on the pictures and ask where things are from, how much they cost, and where to find 'look-alike' styles. Some may think this is a waste of time or dumb. I just find it to be appealing to the eye, a change on my views on life, and is a cool way to figure people out without knowing their personality or opinion in words. It's a good feeling when I come across a tumblr blog that I adore. I just find it fun on my down time. I love having those friends that I can say when shopping "ISNT THIS SO TUMBLR?!" and they just get it. It's kind of like when girls refer to guys with swagg. HA like only some people really understand what swag is let alone h a v e swag. Not my point.
So for those of you who don't know have consistency in updating with posts of personal opinion, experience, or peculiar advice to give....
join the world of tumblr-ers.

& for those of you who don't get 'it' or think it's a waste of time & plain dumb.. don't waste your time looking haha.

la la land.

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  1. i really liked your explanation of tumblr. and i'm really glad you posted it on here. i never really know how to explain tumblr, but you painted the picture perfectly. ha kudos for you brit. :)