Thursday, December 2, 2010

(: happy brit

Half way done with my treatment! Today marks 10 down, 10 to go. I am still indecisive about the at home shots...I've been pretty miserable with this so far and if the shots are going to make me feel half this bad and really only decrease my chances of reccurance by 2-3% ehh I think I will decline.

I feel like I should be be reading or writing more. I have plenty of books available for me to read and recommended for me...I just would rather sleep away this time than read ..Is that awful of me? I don't really care, sorry haha when I'm sick there is not a chance of getting me on the computer, phone, in a book, or involved in any social activity.

I'm obsessed with Robert Pattinson. Today I was scanning a magazine in the hospital waiting room and I saw a picture of him and Kristen Stewart holding hands or something. FURY built up in me..I don't know what it is. I am like protective over him and think he can do SO much better. He is beyond perfect in my eyes. I am normally not too too jealous but Kristen, I envy YOU more than any woman in Hollywood..Well besides Taylor Swift, speaking of who is now dating Jake Gyllenhall, whom I adore. By the way her newest album Speak Now is the definition of my life "love" stories. Most every song I can relate too.

I shouldn't care about stuff like that.. but honestly what else am I supposed to be all about; the drama with the nurses...or who has the cutest scrubs on today?!

I'm really weird with grammar. It is one of my biggest pet peeves when people spell the you're, your(s) and the there they're their(s) wrong. Or when people just spell words wrong or have grammar (mistakes) within their facebook status's or about me's on different websites. I find this funny because I know it is something I struggle with. I am constantly spelling words wrong. I recently JUST learned how to spell this one.
The correct spelling is definitely.
Not definately.
Not definatly.
Not definantly.
Not definetly.
Not definently.
And certainly not defiantly.
The correct spelling is definitely
I always got A's in English but anytime I was docked points it was always for grammar/spelling. I don't know why I felt the need to include this in my post today I just notice my own mistakes every now and then and it eats me alive that others will notice.
My apologies..I'm just OCD about it I guess.
I did get my associates degree before I turned 20.

Where to get my bachelors...?!
Can someone just force me somewhere already....It's too big of a dilemma in my head right now.. Along with a few other things I won't post.

This post is boring.

My family and I watched this movie called 'Letters To God' the other night. A friend of ours purchased Netflix for me because she knew I would be having a lot of downtime....We have taken advantage of this thoughtful gift! Anyway this move was adorable. The little boy in the movie has cancer and is going through chemotherapy. He stays so positive through it all. During this movie he writes God letters every single day. It is an eye opening movie filled with cute people and not-so-good acting but that's not the point of the movie. The point definitely came across to me. This song played during a sad part and brought me to tears. Her voice is amazing. Thought I would share....


  1. BRITTERS! its me (: hot guys are hot girll...anyways NO FREAKING WAY! kate and i watched that movie like a couple months agoo..omg soo freaking cute! like we loved it. speechless. but anyways your post is never boring(: im couting down the days until i see youuuu<3

  2. I always enjoy reading your posts, Brit! Hope you're feeling good today. BTW, I've been spelling "definitely" wrong FOREVER!!! You just enlightened me :) (I was one of the people spelling it - definately) thanks!! :)

  3. Hey Britt, it's your Aunt checkin in to see how you're doing again. Gary and I just made plane reservations for February to come see you. I can't wait to give you all the hugs I wish I'd been able to do during this time! I love you!