Saturday, November 20, 2010

No Interferon todayy YAY(:!! of my most favorite treats, especially during the fall is Rice Crispy treats(: A very friendly, not to mention FUNNY family friend from church brought this over to cheer me up one night! I got a kick out of the ironic little quote at the top. The panties have "cancer awareness bows" on the sides of them! The reasoning for this being a butt & legs, for those of you who don't know, is because the mole that started all this MESSSSS was a dumb mole on my booty! Thank you Hedie Rawe((: You are a sweet, thoughtful, and a kind woman. OH and an amazing cook ( I ate the whole left leg in one night)

so day 2,3, & 4 of treatment were each different in their own way. I have had a mixture of side effects from nausea, sweats, chills, and fatigue. I then will feel completely normal for a few hours which is great(: I have been sleeping a lot but have to constantly be drinking can only guess what that means every hour of the night! I am enjoying having my cute grandma here and appreciate my family so much. Everyone is very understanding of my situation. I am excited for my friend coming in town in 2 weeks(; I am grateful for those who are praying for me. I miss my sissy a lot lately and sometimes feel it would be so much better to have her by my side during this rough time, but her sweet serving self is in Chile where she was called to be and needed for these 18 months. She was able to call yesterday and check in on me. She caught me at a good hour and we had some good laughs, as always. SIX months until she comes home(:

I went to the park for a little bit today but started to feel too nauseous so I had to come home:( I am hoping that as the treatment days increase my side effects decrease! I am continuing to battle through this and smile through the tears. I love my Heavenly Father so much and know he only gives challenges to those who can handle them. I read one of my posts from March 2010 and now realize why I wrote some of the things I did. I am going through one of those hard times, where I will make it out on top. I thank all of you who follow my blog, send me kind words, pray for my family, and who have taken action on certain things in your life because of my diagnosis.



  1. Brit youre amazing! Keep pushin through Youre always in our thoughts and prayers. Miss you pretty!

  2. we have never actually met but i worked with your sister Paige at kingy's when you guys lived in ohio! i just wanted to tell you that i really admire you as a person. the way you look at life and handle things you cannot control through your faith is very inspiring. both you and your sister are b-e-a-utiful spirits. i look forward to reading your blogs and hope one day i have your courage to look at life the way you do. keep doin what you do guurl! :)

  3. Seriously - you are such an inspiration!