Tuesday, November 16, 2010

day 1

7 hours in dallas.
Came out of the day with some Panera Bread & a foreign object (port) in my chest, will be just another scar....ya know.
Napped 3 times this far.
I ate a lot today..uncommon for a Interferon patient..maybe that means I won't be affected by some of the side effects!! (hair loss, perhaps ha?)
Received lots of nice words today and wonderful things in the mail, put big smiles on my face, thank you loved ones (: I have the best family in the world!
My body hurts, I feel like someone punched me in the chest/head & kicked my back in.
I'm tired and feel queasy, yes that is a word.
I can't get a deep breath and it's frustrating me, bad.
I worked with a girl last night who has had Lupus for 11 years, it was definitely a life story I needed to hear. Reality check, for sure. My story/diagnosis is n o t h i n g compared to hers, and yet she holds her head up and a smiled planted on her face.
Gma comes to town tomorrow I can't wait to see her and cuddle her little gum-drop body, in matching sweat outfits.
This is day one of my countdown.
One day closer to recovery and Cancer-free brit(:
watching Alice & Wonderland, trippy.


  1. Brit.
    You are AMAZING.
    You are an inspiration to me.

  2. I love you, and I really hope your situation isn't any harder than it has to be. *cough cough, no losing hair. *fingers crossed.

  3. Thanks so much for your blog! Each time I get on the computer I feel I have to check to see if you have an update. You have inspired me in every way. Be strong hunney. You have the will power to complete this next year. I can't believe you worked after 7 hours in dallas. You go girl!! ily, Tommie

  4. humans cannot create matter we can how ever create value creating value--is in fact very humanity when we praise people for their strength of--character we are actually acknowledging their abilty to create value!! Brittany this is very very clear what you are about the way you share express things people feel your value to how to enlight soooo many!<3
    Love YOU LOTS -----Ur Grand Ma

  5. Brit, i love you.
    Everytime i see my scar from my PRE cancerous mole, i think of you & how lucky i got.
    I love you so much & you are such an inspiration to everyone. You are one tough cookie :)
    I miss you lots!!