Monday, November 1, 2010


i grew feathers.


  1. I know that you are dieing to know this.. I just watched 10 hours of online lecture for psych. GAG. and our short term memory is only 30 seconds long. In reality, when people say they have short term memory loss the mean they have episodic memory loss in which they cannot remember certain "episodes" of time. =] Jackie VONasdfkliuba; (my professor) finds herself thoroughly amusing, laughs after every "clever" sentence, and continued to laugh for about a minute after saying this. REALLY you are missing out =] hahaha anyways. I learned atleast ONE thing today. =] love ya. being annoying. love your blog. free bird. the end. -caitcait

  2. well whatever the doctor told me about the side effect of short term memory loss after this lymph node removal surgery is in EFFECT on my mind. haha and it's not funny at all. I cried in Target cause I had 5 things to get and could mentally only remember 2. So I walked out of target crying/laughing. hahahaa but thank you for giving me the the real meaning haha! ily caitcait

  3. aww well the doctor I'm sure is smarter than I... =] i just hate psych and read this literally um.. 5 minutes after the lecture. gives me a happy break to read =]