Wednesday, November 3, 2010

dear family who reads

family first.
i love these days.
as much as I wish every family member could physically be in my life right now, there is not a day I don't feel the love, care, concern, happy & positive thoughts and prayers from ya'll. Know that, ok? To my Grandmothers, I LOVE YOU. YOU TWO ARE PERFECT IN MY EYES. those tears in your eyes for your granddaughter better ONLY be because you love me, not cause you're worried. There is No need for that, because I PROMISE with all my heart I will make it through this next year and come out STRONG and on top(: I want to thank you as well for raising two of the best parents on this planet. They have loved since the age of 16 and built a marriage so strong. They have been taught ways from each of you on how to raise a family the right way. Thank you for supporting their marriage because I would not be who I am without my mother & father.
Also know that this strength is genetic, so thank you 'blood'
you know who you are even if we don't share a family tree
(: haha


  1. its missing me...

    down here in chile.

  2. it's wednesday you little sneakster(; hahaha i love that i know you're still YOU. and by physically here, that was referred to you as well as in the video(: BFF

  3. i looooooove youuuuu

  4. i love you and think about you every day

    FOR ME, give

    Chan a pinch on the booty
    AJ a love squeeze
    Hunter a knuckle tap
    Momma a booty bump
    Poppa a chest bump
    and paiger an E-wink!

    tell them i love and miss them all.

    love, your bes cuz Brookie