Wednesday, October 27, 2010

this one's for my sissy Paige all the way in Chile

i apologize for the 'blood bags' they're my accessories for the time being.

she sent me the BEST package today filled with quotes, positive thoughts, a countdown until she comes home from her mission, scripture verses that strengthen the weak, and FUNNNNY memories that I loved reminiscing on(: she is the best. This cute 'brit blog style sweatshirt' is what she calls it was also in the cute package with some Chilean jewelry as well! thank you Paigley, you know how to brighten your baby sisters day(: I know you will read this eventually...hehe shh!


  1. Thats so sweet!

    Perhaps (unless its really personal) you could post some of those scriptures and quotes she shared with you!?! I love stuff like that!

  2. ohh I will for sure((: ! GOOD IDEAAA, thanks prettylady

  3. britters (: this is cute and you look soo gorgg. i miss yall and paige would know how to cheer you up ! thats cute, i miss you guys a lot. i know your staying positive and i just cant wait for the day that i get to see my family who left years and years agooooo )): but you must put up some quotes that is a good idea..i need some inspiration girlfriendddd. love you<3

    ps this is doshieeeeee