Monday, March 29, 2010

I dont really like mondays.

Today is mondayyyy. BLAH. only monday. butttttt I kinda want the days to go slow. I go back up to Idaho for school in less than 3 weeks. I am ready, but not. And i'm so excited, but so sad. Bitter sweet feelings fo sho.

So I can't stop thinking about fashion, and clothing lately. It's becoming obsessive to me. I know it's worldly and unimportant to most but i love it. I love the style channel, and fashion blogs.
I bought those polka dot panty hose for $5 at forever 21. Can't get better than that. I just wish I didn't get so many odd stares while wearing them haha. I just say "urban outfitters, Nordstroms, and Forever 21 would understand ME"! haha

It was BEAUTIFUL today. My parents re-did our whole yard. Possibly, Yard (in the Canterbury Neighborhood) of the Year?? haha. props mom and dad. ily

ebay. got to LOVES it. goodness. i "won" 3 new perfumes last night. adrenaline rush as well, trying to outbid 9 other bidders with 52 seconds left is like a high, for real.

SOo Me and Mike are going to Bishop Arts District this weekend. Its in oakcliffff : {
BUTTT i hear it's a really neat little town with art gallery's and little shops everywhere!
Someone told me "you and your boy could take real cool pictures there. since thats what ya'll always seem to do" haha thanks. It is, really.

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