Sunday, February 16, 2014

This week has been mind; yes.. my mind week. I have finally captured the strength of my own mind. Most would say to listen to the heart or the body, but I beg to differ. Putting the mind to sleep at night is probably my most favorite part of the day. Feeling those seconds in between REM sleep; coherent to know you're falling into a doze but not grasping the mixture of thoughts your mind is creating into dreams, so much fuzzy nonsense. I have loved waking up with renewed goodness and intellect of information I have crammed into my mind at night, whether it is images of art from tumblr, words in my book of the month, or even cleansing feelings from a meaningful prayer. I am teaching my mind to work differently; training it to understand the why's and why not's. I may not have stamina, physical strength, or resistance towards particular temptations but I have a strong mind; and it's working for me.

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