Friday, November 8, 2013

October is always so good to me. Normally, I cringe when I think about the month coming to a close. November always brings back memories I try to tuck away, hide under my clothing, and downplay when asked why? 
I have been working two jobs, this past month, that have taught me much more than a 4 year degree ever did. I'm a youth counselor at a behavioral and mental health treatment center for adolescents, as well as a tracker for an organization that takes youth who are in trouble with the law and places them in proctor homes.
I'm unraveling the stories of some 13 year old girls who have been raped, abused, neglected, suicidal, anorexic and so much more. I'm helping to treat the emotions of 16 year old boys who are headed to prison and are overcoming meth and cocaine addictions since the age of 10; Children who have been left to die and placed in foster care of those who absence any love and affection for these helpless lives.
It is an unreal position I never knew I could handle, but find myself craving the interest and fuel I have to better the lives of these kids.
November is going to be good to me. I can't allow some past time to eat me alive for 31 days at a time. I'm shoveling this optimistic view into kids minds every single day and have yet to teach myself. I am unconditionally in love with this experience.