Monday, August 19, 2013

I'm missing this big little brother of mine, on the right. He left for a 2-year mission about 5 weeks ago. Hunter is 18 years old and has always been one of my best friends. I have 3 younger brothers and there has never been a day where I am unable to "stand" them. I know a lot of siblings have driven each other crazy over the years but I feel lucky enough to have never been in a fight with either of them, as well as them with each other. Hunter is now sending us weekly emails of his happiness and highlights of enlightening others' lives with sharing the Gospel. I am so proud of him for all he has accomplished and will achieve. I find myself wearing his flannels and T-shirts...almost everyday. I miss cuddling and eating ice cream together but I know he is where he needs to be and I am so grateful to have such an amazing example in my life; someone who is younger than I am, but one I hope to follow footsteps in.

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  1. little brothers on missions!! it's the worst best thing ever.