Friday, July 5, 2013


Real life is about rocking a baby to sleep. Running your fingers across his forehead until his eyes roll back in his head and his body becomes heavy in your lap. Sitting in silence, in hopes that the calming tap of your hand, on his bottom, is muzzling the sound of the booming fireworks out the window. Knowing that $12 an hour is $12 too much for the happiness, peace, and rejuvenation you have gained from this night of "work".  

Real life is about turning towards your family when receiving the awful phone call of a far too-young family members' death. It's about dropping to your knees in prayer when your legs are too weak to stand. Holding your dads hand as he leads your family in optimistic thought.  Real life is about empathy.  Emotionally putting yourself in the others position and physically feeling the ache in their heart. It's about being there for those who need you not just during, but after they need you. Pain is not always temporary, and in turn, the continuance of compassion and consideration, for those effected, should not be as well. Real life is not only asking, when in need, but thanking when blessedly given.

Real life is about looking up from your phone when someone is talking to you. It's about listening to the person who needs you to genuinely respond. It's about taking pictures for the memory, not for the amount of likes you'll get on social media apps. Life is about trusting those you trust, knowing why you do, and returning the trust because you know how important it is to YOU. Life isn't about competition and being better than an other, it's about being your best and becoming a better you. It's about living today because the day is calling your name, begging for your attention. Real life is a messy toy room. It's about telling people you love them, over and over and over again. Life is about enjoying the weather; not craving the opposition. It's about eating to survive and to enjoy, not skipping to lose. Life is about taking bubbles baths in the middle of the day, while listening to the lawn mower, and getting giddy about putting your robe on to lay around and watch movies all night with your 3 little brothers. Life is about family. It's falling deep in love and giving you an answer you never knew you were questioning. It's about knowing your purpose and testifying of this purpose to those who may not know. It's about the Gospel; the one true Gospel you know you chose to be born into.

Today is Life. Not tomorrow, or the next vacation planned, or the weekend you have off from work, or the next place your planning to live.

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