Tuesday, July 16, 2013

For Tyler


When we saw the sky, you saw 100 shades of blue,
Your imagination and creativity impacted everyone you knew.

Your stories were amazing; such a talented young boy,
Always helping those around you feel a little bit of joy.

And your laughter; so contagious bringing smiles to those around,
We can't wait to be reunited with that beautiful sound.

In a  world so difficult, we know you had grown sad...
But never did we know it had gotten this bad.

Headphones in your ear, music filled your soul,
When we hear your favorite songs your memory fills that hole.

You a young boy who grew to work so hard,
Your memory, your joy, will forever leave us scarred. 

But its a beautiful scar, that represents your strength,
And the impact you have  made on us forever in length.
We cry for the pain... that you must of been feeling..
and pray to our Heavenly Father that you now begin healing.

You will be in our hearts and prayers each and every day,
May Heaven open its doors and show you the way.

-Paige Conley Murray

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