Saturday, May 4, 2013

Last Week/This week.

On my way to Dallas, Texas to see my sis! 

I was so hyped on excitement that I couldn't even sleep

She filled me with tacos and avocado fries and then tried to tempt me at the cutest vintage candy shop!

I spent one day with my good friend Megan, talking about true happiness and soaking in the moments by the minute.

Paige is the bestest friend I could ever asked for. We spent every minute cracking up laughing, being girly, acting crazy, trying on outfits, highlighting each others hair and just being us; connected at the brain but so completely different. Her and her husband, Jamie, opened up their home (and bed) to me. They got me groceries for the week, a whole new set of products, a spa day, a shopping day, and so much more. I loved this week of freedom and would do anything to go back to it!

Last night I felt the urge to explore my new hometown. I invited my brothers and their friends to a ride down to downtown Cincinnati. We had so much fun having rap battles, taking pictures of each other, eating at Izzy's, and getting lost.

I LOVE the "afterlight" app. so0 good.

I was born in this town and never once have I been to the city.

My brothers are my world. (not pictured: Chandler)

My moma and I had a bonding day on Thursday. We went to the cutest little town of Loveland, rented bikes for 2 hours, and checked out the cutest little shops on our ride. 

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