Saturday, April 27, 2013

This is the point in life I have been avoiding. That point between the past and the future, you know, like..the now? Every night for the last year I have made the same wish at 11:11pm. Every...single..night. That wish was that I could fulfill my dream. To make it happen, live it, and return home safely. I even made a deal with my wish to just allow me to make it home, off that plane from Ghana. Knowing that it had been fully completed. If I didn't make it a day further, that was okay because I had lived my dream. I told myself I wouldn't get to the point of feeling lost, which I'm not technically at, but the feeling of not being found..seems a little more relevant. That's where I'm at.  
Not lost nor found.

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  1. This tugged at my heart strings.. I know this post is about your feelings and what you are thinking but I can't help but feel that this was written for me to read. I can relate to this so much. Beautiful words.