Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I've gained 14 pounds. I can't even explain how wonderful it has been to be able to eat whatever I'd like, whenever I'd like. although the food choices cycle through white rice, white bread, plantain, or biscuits imported from the UK, I end up satisfied at the end of each day. There is one 10x10 inch mirror in my whole house. I wish America followed this trend, I feel like self-image wouldnt be as big as a probably if so.
one of my most treasured moments is when I get to wash all the dirt off my feet after returning home from the days adventures. clean feet revealing my lovely sandal tanlines and chipped toe nail polish from December. after I wash my feet I retire to my bed for the night and write novels of journal entries in my journal. This all occurs around 6pm when the sun starts to set. I open my blinds and stare out on the pink sky and children fetching water to bring home for their family's to have for dinner.
 there's something so happy about Ghana. my biggest complaint is the sweat running down my spine. yesterday I opened my disposable camera; aka I have 27 days left. I remember my first week here..crying myself to sleep wondering how I was going to makeit through this semester. I know my last week I will be crying myself to sleep wondering how I'm going to leave this place. The children hold a huge part of my heart. I've been in love once in my entire life and I can honestly say the love I have developed is stronger than any love I have ever felt. yesterday one of the boys, while laying in my lap, asked "when you leave us for America...can I come with you please?" I teared up and said "I am your moma forever..you finish school..save up enough for a plane ticket..and come live with me in America." he must of been satisfied with that answer as he giggled and agreed by grabbing my hand. I just can't get enough.


  1. girl, i just gave a shout out to you on my blog. your 27 pictures on a disposable inspired me.

    i have loved following your adventures! it sounds like you have had an amazing experience and it looks like it too! since you'll be coming back to the US of A soon, let me know if you want me to put you in contact with my cousin who lives in utah. she is doing something similar to what you said you want to do career-wise and might be able to help you out!

    i'm sure i'll be hearing from you and if not, i'll just keep reading about your awesome and beautiful life!

  2. So I saw you on Tinder(as awkward as that might be, sorry if it is)... and I saw you put your blog, so I figured why not check it out. This was the post that caught my eye. I hope that you are able to go back and visit. This sounds like a glorious trip. I hope someday I'm able to have an experience like this... Thanks for sharing!