Saturday, February 9, 2013

Journal Entry from February 7, 2013.

Today is quiet at the orphanage. I have three children sleeping on different limbs of my body so I have to remain still for the next hour. Now is the only legal time to pull anything out from my backpack because if they were awake it would be torn between the three; fighting over which one I brought it for. If my hand comes within inches of my backpack, I'm attacked as if I were Santa Claus on Christmas Day.
I feel peace in where I am at in life. I have my usual wants and desires but I am content. I've been getting a good nights rest, eating good and plenty, and transitioning well. I dont have many complaints, mainly because I'm learning about the important things in life. Life without the material things, gossip, people who really don't deserve the effort of a friendship, reality television, "likes" on that is simple. 
I'm genuinely happy after washing my feet at night, hearing little footsteps following me home, the breeze of the 4 minute taxi ride. those are my happy moments. I know this is temporary and I know that going home will naturally bring the "worldy-happy-moments" back into play but I want to enforce a habit to continue to take note of the simple moments. How good it feels to have groomed fingernails, how real the characters in my books are becoming, and how beautiful cracks on a colored building are to the eye.
Yes, there are heart breaking sights--sad stories of survival surrounding me in this third world
country, but most of these people are happier than anyone I know in America. I'm really starting to wonder if it is a "blessing" to have all that we do.


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