Thursday, February 21, 2013

  • it's morning time, here in Ghana. it's so weird to me that while I'm starting Thursday..the rest of the world is still closing Wednesday. it's this time I'm usually at the orphanage tending to diapers, tears, hugs, and hungry stomachs. today I'm going to meet with a director over hearing and speech education. there is a girl at the orphanage named Ishmealina, she is 12, and after 7 weeks of observing her struggle with communication I took initiative and traveled 2 hours with her yesterday. we went to get her ears checked. it is aware, in the house, that she can not speak clearly and struggles with hearing. But after observing her depressive behavior, endless amounts of sleeping, and frustration with the other children..I had to have something done to help this girl. The results came back that she has extremely severe hearing loss. she is practically deaf in the left and only has a little hearing in the right. She has a talent in lip reading. because of my small experience in high school of taking sign language and learning about the deaf culture, I felt impressed to make an impact in this precious girls life. Each month I am here I am given a certain amout of money (apart of the fee I paid) to use on projects for the home. Ishmealina is my February project. after phone calls and meetings met, it is obvious that $2,000 per hearing aid  is too far over the budget. I am trying to enroll her in a special school that will suit to her needs. There are too many children at home or on the streets selling food and satchels of water. I refuse to allow this to happen to her and with the help of all of your donation, we are creating a path for this girl, that would not of happened without this initiative. it feels so amazing to be surrounding my day on someone else's needs. while watching her get the test done, I could see the light in her eyes, that finally someone was realizing her struggle. finally, after being a missing child  month after month, someone cared to give her some attention.

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