Monday, December 3, 2012

Today I am being featured on an up-and-coming blog for teenagers; called The Wonder and Worry of a Teenage Heart. A place for girls (and boys!) to get advice, questions answered, inspiration, laughs, tears, and more. Nicole is the founder of this blog, she is an amazing girl who is helping me out more than she knows. These past few weeks have been so progressive with sharing my story of survival and a big thanks goes out to her.

Check it out


  1. Again, this is so rad-- you're a serious inspiration.

    And it was so nice talking to you tonight. I'm sad you're leaving so soon after getting to know you! Can't wait to follow your adventures :)

  2. AHH thank you so much Mckenzie, you are an inspiration to me as well. Just became your newest follower. Our talk was the best, so refreshing.