Friday, August 3, 2012

birthday bow

 Yesterday I turned 22 years old, weird.

But the day was filled with pure happiness:
I spent a 12 hour day in Waikiki aka shopping
I drank two 16oz red bulls
I ate the most delicious frozen yogurt topped with strawberries
I left my number for our cute waiter at Buca Di Beppo
My Grandma sent me a package of products that will last me a lifetime
I got a bloody nose
The boys next store left me the cutest little gift on my bed
I received some of thee nicest texts, calls, & messages.
I bought a pair of jeans, uh?
 Riding the bus was actually fun & relaxing
I studied for a test & aced it
Buying gifts for someone else felt better than opening my own
I tried to smile at every person I passed

It's been a while since I felt happy for a straight 24 hours, I am so happy.


  1. happy birthday brit! im obsessed with your hair

  2. you're blog is awesome! <3
    happy belated birthday, doll