Thursday, June 7, 2012



Music has a fond place in my heart, unlike any other. I have been in love with music since forever, I have been singing since a very young age & I have been dancing and 'booty shaking' since who knows how long. The other night I went on a walk with a boy & we stopped at a piano on campus. He started playing 'Lean on me' and my whole body just filled with shivers. It'd been a while since I was sitting at a piano bench. I was too nervous to belt out any tune, but all night after I just felt a deeper joy. There is nothing more I would rather do then sit around looking up tabs, on the internet, to listen to someone else play guitar. I would drop ANY plans to go and listen to an open-mic night or show (below) put on by my lovely friends Aaron, Paul, and Maggie. Their shows have seriously been a highlight of my life here in Hawaii. An ideal weekend, for me, would be a beach day all day Saturday, church and 4 hour nap on Sunday followed by a musical gathering by these 3 and any others.  My sister and I have so many memories sitting around a campfire making up our own lyrics to silly songs. We also have sang in church, weddings, and the dreaded karaoke bars too many times. One Sunday last semester we both were asked to speak in church, as I finished my talk, finally catching my last breath of nerves, our bishop makes us aware (via whisper) that we are the musical number that day because of a no-show. We took the challenge, walked (back) up to the podium, opened the hymn book, and sang a song a cappella. After that Sunday I told my Bishop that my time on the stage that day was enough for the whole year. Anyway I'm sitting on the floor of the Honolulu airport right now, going through all pictures of this past semester and I came across some videos I will keep forever. Some will remain private but this one deserves to be shared. (above) My roommate Brooke and good friend Devin have been collaborating for months now. The talent that each has been blessed with is beyond words of description so I'll leave it to you to enjoy.

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