Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I'm in an IDS (required course) on campus here called Women's Studies. It's a great class, don't get me wrong, but today's material just irked me the wrong way. We're reading and studying battered women, sex slaves, the "beauty-myth", and the medias' influence on self-esteem and eating disorders. Today we watched a 45 minute production on how photo-shopped the world is becoming; how women are suffering on a daily basis with the pressure of being thin, sexy, and appealing to men. While listening to everything she said I looked around the room and noticed many nodding heads, but by the end of the video and endless pictures of stick skinny models, "perfect" celebrities, and sex-appealing adds I realized we all were in a completely different state of mind. Many naked bodies, "sex-scenes", and perfect looking people were presented over the course of her too-long-of-a speech. Basically it defeated the whole purpose of her message. Guys in the room were drooling, the sound might as well have been silenced, most everyone's glazed eyes were planted to the screen of images, and I found myself pulling out my carrots instead of chocolate.

WAKE UP America

and again, I should practice what I preach.

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