Saturday, March 31, 2012

Smiles of the week

- With the help of ALL of you, $2,000 has been donated to my volunteer trip to South America! I feel overwhelmed with love & gratitude because of your willingness to give to my cause. I am HOPING to go this summer but still need a little more $$ and information on which place would be best to go....suggestions?!

-I am now moving to phase 2 of this work out program :) 29 days down, 55 to go!

-I was able to attend an Invisible Children's campaign this week. SO touching, amazing!

-I have two more weeks of living here in Hauula, before I move to Laie! I'm living in a cute little beach house across the road from Hukilau Beach. I will be rooming with some of the best girls I have met since being here in Hawaii.

-My family is on the road to Ohio. This is a frown as well as a smile, but Home is where the heart is and Grandma resides in Cincinnati (as well as most of the rest of our relatives) My family is moving into a beautiful house that sits on a Lake. No bedroom for me though.....hint towards something?

-I got chosen as a member of the Social Work Presidency for 2012!

-I will be a senior in college in less than a month. AHH

-General Conference is this weekend, I love listening to the speakers, choir, and prophet all while being surrounded by good people, comfy clothes, and BREAKFAST!

-Life is good, I have NEVER been happier. seriously, non-stop smiles & laughs for dayz

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  1. this is amazing, happy for you!! and that work out program is legit, great job!