Saturday, December 24, 2011

home for christmas

Being home these past 5 days has brought so many smiles to my face & happy tears to my eyes. I feel like I have my WHOLE self back again, being with my family. I have been able to shop LOTS, eat yummy treats, see We Bought a Zoo, wear my most favorite seasonal fashion pieces, catch up on sleep, work my booty off at my moms work out classes, cuddle (which turns into wrestling) with my brothers and much more! I love the Christmas season SO much! I am constantly counting my blessings during this time, especially. Our neighbor just had their million dollar house burn down, presents wrapped under the Christmas tree, photo albums, everything. It breaks my heart to know that this family has nothing right now. This family is one who can afford to buy back those gifts, which then causes me to think about the less fortunate; those who can't afford Christmas gifts or any 'wants', for that matter. I become so humbled and almost, guilty. This season is a time for service, a time to give to others. The meaning of Christmas is the birth of our Savoir and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. He lives and because of him, we will live again.

Keller, Texas will no longer be my hometown. The for sale sign in the yard is a constant reminder. It is all very hard to take in but I know my family needs to be back in Ohio, our original home, where most of our extended family lives.

The holidays are the happiest of times because they bring together our families & our loved ones. Life is about family. I love mine & can not wait to have one of my own one day :)

(siblings minus hunter)


  1. I'm kind of obsessed at how gorgeous your blog is. Love it. x