Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Highlights & Lowlights of Fall Semester 2011

hello, september.

-Melona bars and acai bowls.

-Realizing I just moved to Hawaii.

- One day Paige & I decided to take a day off of school and go shopping for “Leslie-Lobo pieces” in Waikiki. Because of the hassle of our car unable to go faster that 30 mph we took the bus across town. I am not a fan of the bus. It makes me extremely uncomfortable when the driver takes off before my second dollar is even in the machine. It also makes me uncomfortable to sit next to a sweaty man who reeks of alcohol as he downs the huge can in less than 2 minutes. I, naturally, judged him and formed his whole life story in my head. He chokes on a speed bump and his “alcoholy-spit” spurts out everywhere. And I mean everywhere. I handed a napkin to the lady across the way. No one laughed, besides him. This man ended up changing my prejudice thought process that day. He ended up being the reason we were able to make it to our destination. He directed us in the right way and gave us a low-down of the whole island, surf and all. What started out as a “train-wreck” turned into a smooth sail on the bus ride. He was a gentleman and although, his talk was slurred he was more worried about getting us safely to the mall, than his own stop. Thanks sir, I’m sorry for judging you by your cover.

-I had one of the most horrifying experiences of my life while in Waikiki. The feeling of looking around into a crowd of faceless people when in a desperate search for your sister is extremely uncomfortable. Trying to keep your cool, hold back tears, wipe your sweat, and beg your phone to hold its last seconds of charge….is the most terrifying feeling I have felt. ever.  As I’m retracing my steps in a foreign city, praying about 18-76 times, flashes of one mans’ face keeps entering my mind. She’s gone…what am I going to say to the police, my parents, 48 hrs mysteries? TO make a long story short the intercom voice calling her name was able to locate her in Macys to be met by a shaking and crying little sister. AND some of you ask why we never leave each other’s side..? THIS is why.
side note: we’re working on separating ourselves from each other after leaving a group conversation and saying the EXACT same response.. on many occasions.


-Forgetting how to socialize with people older than 2.

hello, october.

-I witnessed the first intense physical fight I have ever seen in my life. It made me nauseous for days, to say the least. I don’t want to go into great detail but it was between a homeless man and a passer-by. I didn’t like it & hope to never see such a quarrel again. But to make light of the situation lets just say the short guy got his ahh whooped.

-Saw a proposal at a school fireside. Didn’t get the chills but it was cute anyway.

-Jamie’s visit & steezin’ him up.

-Jumped off of Waimia rock and got demolished by my sisters body.  The only thought that entered my battered brain was “I hit rock, dude, I hit rock.” I was left with toenail scratches covering my stomach, a knot in my jaw, and a HUGE battle wound on my arm that bruised purple and green for a month.
side note: never again.

-I almost dressed up as a shark for Halloween. Like really?

hello, november.

-The hang out spot in Laie is surrounded by BYUH students, teenyboppers, tourists, missionaries who obviously love to eat, Gideon, and some other characters. One day in particular, at this spot, sticks out to me. I get in these moods where I am not “aware” of the current social setting I am in. Either my thoughts are too loud or something else has my full attention. Unfortunately I miss out on a lot of meaningful conversations about the non-existent dating scene and what everyone’s’ types are but I gain a better understanding of the outsiders. I watched this lady, most would call “crazy”, for about 15 minutes. She was carrying a bag of trash, dressed in ragged clothes, and looked as if she was casting spells on the gravel of the pavement. I zoned all noise out besides her voice. She was having a full-on conversation but going in-and-out of a whole other language. It made me so intrigued to her life. What was her story? Where does she go home to…if she even has a home? Why would people call her crazy…cause she looks different than everyone else? It’s 2011, anyway, what is not considered crazy? I’ve been called crazy, plenty of times. I wish I knew where she went.  She opened my eyes to another logic on the “outsiders” of this world. Normalcy hasn’t a clear definition anyway. I love crazy. I always have.

-Paige & I have been lucky enough to get a well-paying job here on the north shore. We are nannies at an agency for vacationers at Turtle Bay resort. Again, I hate the bus, but one ride in particular, I am so grateful for. I’m sitting at the bus stop, complaining, in my head, about having to wait 45 minutes in the pouring rain…when an elderly couple starts walking my way. The fragile man was guiding his blind wife with his arm and calming voice. It’s those moments when you’re feeling bad for yourself that these touching situations happen. I smiled ear to ear as my eyes welled up with tears, watching this couple rely solely on touch and communication. Real love is, seriously, so beautiful. Nothing else mattered to me in that moment, it was like the time stood still on the whole bus ride.. as I observed the precious conversation and compassionate love the two had for each other.

-Waking up on a lovely Sunday to what I thought was a football boot camp: Two neighborhood men in a full-out brawl, mailboxes getting smashed, cops called, doors slammed..to say the least. Hearing the noise over my blow dryer=very unpleasant. Who fights at 8 am, first off, and on a Sunday? For as tough as I seem, I just am not into contention any longer…where is it getting us?

hello, december.

-The Goat House holds a Christmas party every year. I had seen pictures and videos of this party, prior to moving here, and couldn’t wait to be able to be apart one day.  Let’s just be honest, life is good here but looks SO much more appealing and eventful through a lens. But this night I heard one of the most captivating opinions on photographing. My good friend, Alyssa, gathered us girls together for a picture with her disposable camera. It was kind of funny to watch the guy hold the piece of plastic as if he thought he was being punk’d. Her explanation that followed, of why she likes to take pictures with these $10 throwaway cameras was delightful. There’s not review, delete, crop, TANifying, beautify, skinny-fy, red eye, brighten, darken, MAKE ME LOOK BETTER THAN I DO button; how refreshing. I wish I would of documented her every word because she said it a lot better than I struggling to explain now, but it was golden. She stocks up on these cameras and then gets them PRINTED, who would of known.. printed? She then is able to view a real moment, 27 of them. I love it; I need to follow her trend, so smart.

-SHELBAH, belby, shelbs

- Old news.
As I’m silently sitting at the A-frame’s ‘end of the semester’ party, trying to understand why people are dancing around like animals, a bunch of apes & giraffes, in walks Lindsay Lohan. Enough has been said about it, but really, it happened check TMZ. She also got her purse stolen. My goodness, people.

-Within two weeks I had sang on the spot in sacrament, gave my first talk in years, sang at a school fireside, attended a session at the temple, actually read the scriptures on a weekly basis, and gave my first lesson ever in relief society. For the first time in my life I am at so much peace, spiritually. Every time I enter a church building I feel the sense of safeness and serenity. This is something I have never fully experienced and I am so grateful for trying times and nervous opportunities that I have been given to strengthen my testimony of the gospel and build confidence of my knowledge. 

-Lost my phone at Hukilau beach. It’s gone --Could care less.
side note: If you stole it---congrats!! it only works on speaker-phone.

-Hung out with pro surfers. Met my future baby-daddy.

-Rolled our car to Honolulu, literally 5mph.
side note: hazard lights for 2 hours straight

hello, everyday.

-At my school people skip weeks of class, come barefoot, wear their hoods up during important presentations, and open textbooks full of sand.  Is this a real college?

-Never seeing 4:00pm

-Always a pleasure meeting girls my ex-boyfriend cheated on me with.

-Reminding myself of where I live.

-Feeling so grateful for the Social Work department, actually being interested in school for once. All the staff members and classmates I have been able to become so close with; learning about their cultures has been so inspiring thus far. I can not WAIT to get into the social work field.

-Naps, talks, those red blankets, late night hot tubing, peanut butter, emphasis on the naps part, and making delicious meals and desserts at the Glen-Den. & naps.

-Meeting some of the most genuine people. I’ve started to notice this side of certain people I’ve been blessed to meet out here. There is this nurturing side that comes out of people who are genuine. People who live to serve, care, and make others happier than themselves. Its something I struggle with, but I’m working on, all because of the example of these select people I have watched over the course of the semester. The people who ask sincere questions, and hear the answer..not just listen. The people who pull over on the side of the road, no matter where the destination, to help a person in need at the bus stop or standing there with their thumb up. I’ve taken note and I’m paying it forward. Alfredo, in my ward, is one of these people. He never stops serving. He is relied on by so many people but never complains, wines, or mentions how busy he is. He is constantly looking to make people happy and gets pure joy from others excitement and appreciation of his ideas and help. The world needs more Alfredos.

-Frequent sayings of the semester

-“Wahh, I want instagram!!”
- “Who should I like today?”
-“I’m changing my life”
-“So0o Pinterest”
-“Kuhuku Grill?”
-“I’m changing my life, and I’m serious this time”
-“Take your pick, ring finger or middle finger”
-“Tell me a seeeccccreettttttt”


  1. Brit,

    You are amazing. I loved every word of this post. Smiling from ear to ear to hear how much happier you are. You are beautiful, amazing, and talented. Love and miss ya girlie.


  2. Alfredo!! ..."So....who should I like?" I miss you guys already