Thursday, October 20, 2011

life begins when you leave your comfort zone






I love it all. I love finding peace, happiness, and an oasis of serenity in nature. I wouldn't ever consider myself a granola or someone who is looking for the next best adventure to hike 22 miles for fun but I do find pure happiness in the beauty around me. I am able to look out my window and see mountains, shades of green, animals, waves crashing on the sand, a blue sky, fruit sprouting up everywhere, country fields. I am able to wake up to the sprinkling of rain, my patio door wide open---a cool breeze, the sun beaming in, and the sounds of birds and roosters alarming neighbors that it is time to rise. I have miles of trails in which I can hike, get lost, and escape to. This hike was absolutely beautiful, I had done it before, earlier this year, but feel as though I was a different person then, I did it to say i finished a hike and have more pictures to add to the 'album'. This time I did it to feel at calm, to continue the peace I feel after leaving church on a Sunday. I was able to be in action, sweating my pours out but greeted with refreshing water numbing my bare feet at the destination of falling water. I had time to sit and look around in complete silence and thank my Heavenly Father for his creation and for blessing me with the opportunity of a lifetime. A "normal" college student probably would be sleeping off a hangover, eating burger king, or living in the library. A part of me misses getting up at 6am to see the sun rise, knowing I am one of few who will be on the road beginning my day. I have so many things I say I want to do but find myself making excuses. All I need to do is go out and DO them. This house isn't my comfort zone so why am I not out well for one, its pouring raining, but again, there goes my excuses...since when did a little rain hurt anyone? I'm reading a book, a good friend of mine sent me, on holistic lifestyle. I am so intrigued by each new method. I can not seem to set the book down. "It is common for us to hand over responsibility for our health and wellbeing to other people: doctors and hospitals; to teachers and therapists. WE have relied heavily on the opinions and thoughts of other people; we have looked to newspapers, television, and society for approval. Yet, when you decide that you are in charge of your destiny, it is almost as if a quantum leap occurs and absolutely everything is open to change. Most of us feel life is a struggle- our relationships with our own selves can be less congenial-- we simply do not have time for this and that. Life is for living, so why arent you living life to the full?" Today someone asked me what class my book was for that I was studying out of, it got me thinking.... there should be health classes on how to change our diet, minds, meditation, stress levels, sleep, anxiety, activity, and more. It's definitely got me thinking--but me, thinking, is nothing new. Until then my face will be in this book.


  1. hey brit, came across your blog this morning! i enjoyed this post a lot, i love that hike too its gorgeous and so serene. as i read the end of your post i totally agree. i am studying EXS here and a lot of my classes are exactly that and i love it! sounds like me you should look into becoming a yoga instructor :) its difficult but one step at a time. pretty sure you would love it. im sorta obsessed with yoga! glad life is well!!

  2. THIS blog entry makes me SO HAPPY Britt. You finally figured it out didn't you! EVERY single day has something special to offer if you open up your eyes and heart to it. NOTICE is a big word in my world...notice EVERY single beautiful thing around you...take deep breaths and enjoy the scents around you. You are a very special, beautiful girl and I love you very much!!!

  3. AHH LISA! Yes I LOVE Yoga, but would love to do it on the beach...know of any available classes?

    KATHY- yess Hawaii is perfect for all of that(: MiSS YOU

  4. Ah I wish. I had a friend here that did it on the beach but she graduated. Bummer for sure. They have some in Wakiki buttttt, long ways a way. But they do one every Tuesday and Thursday I believe at 7 in the Old Gym. I have been unable to go regularly because of work but the lady is AWESOME! Sometimes they switch but it is usually Cherry (ya her name is cherry haha). Sucky part is here you have to pay :( I think its 1.50 a class or you can pay some deal for the semester or something I cant remember. If you go go prepared with at least 5 dollars in ones till you figure out what the prices are. Good luck!

  5. thank you, thank you, thank you.
    I love finding a good book to read.
    It's a like a breath of fresh air.