Thursday, September 8, 2011

a little day in the life

- wake up around 6 am (not adjusted to the time change quite yet)
-look over at my sister, smile, laugh followed by a weird noise
-walk to the beach 5 houses down
-realize how blessed I am
-walk to the 7/11, get the best tasting popsicle in the world: Melona bars
- wave hello to everyone
- decide on what to do for the day: beach, hike, walk, run, mud slide, play, explore, relax, beach yoga etc.
-realize I live in the most beautiful place
-giggle with my best friend Paigley
-throw myself together, or say forget it
-try out Sunset beach, Turtle Bay, maybe Castles
-practice my surfing lingo. kidding
-love life
-eat another melona bar
-decide the only worry in the world I have currently is that I have no hangers
-take the bus to get off at any random spot, because we have no time schedule.
-fruit stand
-Kuhuku grill
-finish the longest day in the world: Hawaii time, at the top of Honolulu (Tantalus) overlooking all the city lights
-catch my breath


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