Thursday, September 22, 2011

it's pouring raining

I just woke up from a nap
no alarm-- the best kind of waking up.
I recently read a paper on the theories of why we dream
now, every single dream I have I pick apart & decide why it is I had it and what it means
"Theory #5 The Absence of Theory: no meaning at all" applied today.
one of the best feelings in the world, is REM sleep.
The feeling rrrrright before you're knocked out,
kind of still aware that your phone is vibrating from a text message but
you respond with gibberish,
that feeling of floating on a cloud...everything is blurred
but nothing feels more relaxing and inviting then the "body shake" (or in my sisters case, face planting the wall)
you experience next because you've think you've fallen off the top of an ice cream truck or something
zZz, i love it.

My sister & I are in our own little world
we probably need to expand our horizons 'people-wise'
but I'd probably develop anxiety; separation anxiety. we're working on it
we should of been born twins
we think the same thoughts, send texts at the exact same time, and talk/sing/dance the same. 
kiddding we dance nothing alike. she called the "JERK" The Rvca, one time.
she also keeps rolling up her arm as if it is a fruit roll up: calling it the billabong
no one understands but me.
she gives me some of the best laughs i've ever had, i love her.

yesterday I decided that I should stick to being a mermaid
surfing lessons day 1 goal: at least stand up on the board
i did
My nose has been peeing salt water all day
& my ribs are killing
our friends were good teachers
i want water-babies.. one day. 
bleach-blonde water babies.

I am obsessed with acai bowls.
the genre of music here is beautiful, so happy. lovely
there is no escape from my escape

 be nicer to people, every one. 
get rid of all electronics during class
take GOOD notes
make our friends, we owe, dessert
live in the now, not dread what is to come next. appreciate the RIGHT now.
look around, at where I am, more often.
realize I won't be here forever.
thank my heavenly father for creating such a beautiful place
remind myself that I am here for school
not only read the scriptures, but love it. take something from it, feast
don't base my happiness on situations, other people, or temporary satisfaction.

voy a vivir por el momento con el pensamiento del futuro

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