Thursday, August 11, 2011


I sold my first car & only car, yesterday. It has gotten me from Texas to Florida to California to Vegas to Arizona to Oklahoma & to Idaho. It has saved me from tickets, accidents, and one potential throw down at Sonic. All in all selling it was a tough deal (emotionally). Two days after putting it for sale the first person to look bought it. I didn't even have a chance to say no. I made it through though. Tomorrow is my last day at the daycare. Today I teared up when gettin loves from the babies. I feel like some of them are my own pride & joy. Detachment problems, goodness. My flight to Hawaii is purchased. My home in Hawaii is mine when I want it to be. My suitcase is packed. My schedule is made. The money is $aved.

Life is changin'

& i'm kind of nervous dude

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  1. I am going to miss you!! Thanks for helping me learn the ropes. Good luck girl. God bless! :)