Sunday, May 1, 2011


Paige gets home May 18th. 17 days. exactly.
That's about the only news I have & it's overly exciting. I am ecstatic.
I am more giddy than a teenage girl is when going on her first date.
Besides that life is currently un'event'ful.
Life is beautiful.
My health is great.
Texas is still amazing.
& the love I have for my family only grows stronger each day.
no matter what they think.
I am finding that blogging, facebook, & social networking is boring me..
as well as taking too many of my precious hours away from the sparse time I have left with family.
The free time I do have should be spent on rewarding activities.
I feel as though people do have good intentions as well as the time to take when posting about
their lovely lives, talents, photography & personal beliefs on a subject matter, but lately
I have no purpose or desire to do so.
I will update when my lovely missionary returns home

until then you can read this long rant or find someone else's cool blog to enjoy(:

Happy May ya'll

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