Monday, May 30, 2011


So0oo for about 2 months now I have been putting together & planning a trip for my sister and I for when she returns from Chile. This planning made the looong weeks of counting down, go by so much faster. Now I know there are a lot of lovies who wanted to join us on this trip but we made a pact to just have the two of us, a big truck, some clothing, only country music & some sunflower seeds. I kept this whole thing a secret until the day of, telling Paige we need to pack, hop in the black beauty and let me guide her with directions...having no clue how far we were going, where we were going to sleep, or what the plan was. This spontaneous-ness has been instilled in us since day one of being sissys. We love going on drives to nowhere, fishing in open ponds, running around in fields with a camera, discovering antique shops, and bringing along cute clothing for the way. As we pulled up the the Crow Canyon Cabin in Granbury, Texas Paige & I squeeled like little girls in a candy store, something we have done plenty of times together. We held hands as we opened our storybook cottage. The rickety door opening to a vintage-feel open floor plan wooden home. There was a mini staircase leading to a teeny bedroom, the cutest kitchen filled with old old old appliances & a mint green oven, a secret flat screen hid behind a picture frame, a walk in stone shower, sensored lighting, a back porch, and a dock leading into a huge private pond. All of this was ours. three days. a cabin. sisters. no plans. just us.

We visited old town Granbury and found a drive-in movie theatre, old fashion ice cream place, & a huge Memorial weekend festival happening just 20 minutes from our cabin. Most of our time away from the cabin was filled with repetative "i miss our leeetle home", "let's just go back and cuddle in our cottage" & "okay it's 'hot' outside let's just go back and explore new things in the house"!!

This weekend was absolute bliss. We giggled all night, stayed up too late, woke up too early, made salsa & guacamole, danced to Adele, made fun of each other, talked about memories, shopped, paddled on our private 'Notebook Inspired' boat, & muchhh more. We spent a good amount of time modeling, photographing & gathering ideas for Paige's up and coming ONLINE BOUTIQUE OF VINTAGE INSPIRED CLOTHING hop on over there next(; 

Isn't she so cute. She say's teach me how to be like a "tumblr girl" only a few of you will understand this phrase I use quite a bit! All in all I wish we could go back or LIVE in this cabin. Best weekend of our lives (we agreed). I am so glad we were able to spend it together, away from the world, not a distraction. We were able to appreciate the natural beauty we have surrounding us. We probably had too much fun, if that is possible. Who knows where each of us will be in a year from now but we are so grateful to have this time to share together making new memories(:

a few more fun pictures!



  1. -tears- LITERALLY. I'm so happy you two have each other.

  2. That old stove is incredible. All the pictures are fun, but that stove is one for the record books. Holy smokes. You scored big on having that place for a couple days. I enjoy your web log.