Saturday, April 16, 2011

loving spring

Spring time is my absolute most favorite season of the year, especially in Texas. Although, the allergies are horrible this year & I have been sick 3 times in the past two months (I blame the 200 coughs I receive in my face daily) I still enjoy the cool mornings & sunshiny days. The blossoming flowers, smell of mowed grass, peaches spuds on the trees, easter decorations everywhere & colorful gardens that surround me remind me that we need not take for granted how lucky we are to have our senses.

Another love for spring I have is the irresistible Spring Clothing Lines now available. I spend so many of my nights looking on fashion blogs & online boutiques at all the beautiful pieces tempting me to splurge on. I do keep the lights off in my room, at times, because I am less likely to be able to read my credit card number, that would need to be entered for an online purchase. I am LOVING SPOOL NO.72 Vintage & Bohemian Inspired clothing. Here are just a few of the items I have restrained myself from buying but requested for my birthday... in August, yes four months away.

Those of you who are located in the DFW area all know we see the repetitive H&M commercials on television. It's overly frustrating to be teased by these ads because we are all unable to shop here, considering the closest location would be in Arizona or something & they have a website but do not have anything for sale, dumb. Fortunately there will be one built here in Dallas in the fall of this year....COOL right when I'm moving. Anyway if I could pick one piece out of their Spring Collection, I would be unable to, considering each is all to beautiful to not purchase. After all, maybe each of these downfalls of H&M are a good thing for my bank account & anxiety levels.

One of my favorite things in the world is receiving things in the mail. I love letters & packages. These forms of love are much more personal than a text or facebook message or something( these are appreciated as well, of course!) My sister knows this about me & never fails to show that she is thinking about me while serving her mission. I know she is busy 24/7 but always finds time to send me thoughts, letters, jewelry, shoes, clothes etc. The list could go on. Occasionally I send her pictures of the 'in-style' clothing, shoes, & hair styles of the season so she can keep somewhat in touch with style(: What a good sister I am to do this while she should be focusing on the teachings of the gospel & serving those who are in need! haha... like I said, it's an occasional thing. She spends a lot of her time walking & walking & walking... sometimes through the city, which requires wandering eyes at the Chileans stands filled with fun things. She has bought some clothing that she is thinking about making a clothing website when she returns home in May. She wants to put together looks that are not available for purchase in the U.S. My sister is one person whose brain never stops flowing. She is constantly embarked on a new project. So this is her up-and-coming idea for those of you who are interested in fashion & cute Chilean clothing. She will put together outfits & sell it AS A WHOLE for one price. I am always up for new ideas of fun with I am excited to be involved in this activity for the summer. I will update soon on this one(:
She made me each of these bracelets and sent them to me this past week. I am in LOVE with the colorful one. "She knows me too well" were the words spoken my mom as I opened the mini-package. I was laying in bed with a fever, but still smiling ear to ear, especially after reading the note attached to the pink owl bracelet. She said this was made for me, in honor of a race, that one of her converts into the church, ran for me and my diagnoses of Skin Cancer.

One last thing to this materialistic post---as much as I loved these feather extensions, they are going OUT as fast as they came in. I loved discovering these on that is... before the whole world wore them out. The temporary brown hair needs to go too, I just had to get an even color because I have been dealing with a lot of hair loss/thinning from my chemo, that hopefully will come to a stop soon. bleh



  1. There is an H&M in Dallas:

    North Park Mall
    687 N Central Expy
    Ste 1030
    Dallas, TX 75204


    and While your at NP Mall, Check out LUSH. It's a UK based store that has the most AMAZING products {handmade lotions, soaps, shampoos, etc}.

  2. Ok, so your right, October 2011 is the 'official' opening, but they do have a temporary store set up with limited selection. I live in Europe, there's an H&M at every corner and it's my fav. I'm glad by the time I get back to Dallas, they'll be up and running!

  3. aww thank you! It's actually closeddd now though :( they only had it open for a little while but are under construction until the grand opening!! BLAHHH. SO jealous that you live in Europe!!

  4. Darn for the temporary closure! I could be a mule for H&M when I come back to Dallas to visit my little sister Rebecka :-) I'm a mule for LUSH products too. Seriously. I get them way cheaper when I'm in the UK then in the USA....and living in Europe is not all it's cracked up to be, I promise. Being so far away from home has shown me how much I miss my family! I crave being around them now and it makes me sad that the most I get are phone calls and a distant 'I love you.' Yay for August 2012 and multiple acceptances to local colleges!

  5. Here is my blog post about LUSH if your interested....