Monday, April 25, 2011

I just realized

I have had this blog for a year and a month today. unreal. I just went through & read a few of my posts over the past year... my life is crazy dood. I love it, though, I do. Every single smile, picture, trip, quote, song, incident, every tear, & every draft I never posted because of certain eyes snooping. I will never delete any post because it is how I felt once... I don't care if I am embarrassed or ashamed now because it was once MY emotions coming out through my keyboard. Some of the entries are too hard for me to finish reading... Some I read over & over & think: how lucky of a girl I am. How many wonderful people I have in my life. All the great opportunities I have had & will get to have one day. The enjoyment I now receive from my prediction & desire of my life becoming a lazy river one day, after feeling like a constant roller coaster ride, at one point, is wonderful
I have fulfilled my longing from a post on:

FRIDAY, JULY 16, 2010

real talk

free bird

that's all I want to be
I want to feel free and young and restless
I want to never look back
and feel wild at heart

Honestly, I do not even remember writing this. I sounded like a quote book or something. But few things true; I am free. I feel free, young, & restless. I look back on the hard times & no longer feel negative, nervous, or nauseous, but more so strength, accomplishment, and empowerment for getting through each. I am a free bird. Not to mention the 3 birdcages that fill my unornamented bedroom. I have had my setbacks but constantly strive to achieve my goals. I never thought 6 months ago while laying in a hopsital bed, questioning my survival of life, that I would be where I am today with the plans I have now, never ever. 

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